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Non-Surgical Liquid Facelift

Artistic Elegance in Surgical Aesthetics

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeons - Dr. Peter Kunz & Dr. Ashley Robey
Advantages of a non-surgical facelift using Sculptra
No Stitches - No Scars - Minimal Downtime - More Natural Looking
  • Non Invasive
  • Lasts twice as long as traditional hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Adds significantly more volume per unit cost than hyaluronic acid fillers or comparable
  • Replaces lost volume and actually lifts sagging skin without scarring

What is a Liquid Facelift?

This is a volume replacement technique which can actually help lift fallen skin and subcutaneous structures. Most of the fatty loss is in the mid face and “apple of the cheek” By injecting the Poly L-lactic acid, a very natural compound local, tissue stimulation in the form of collagen synthesis takes place thickening the skin and increasing the volume of the fatty tissue.  The typical volume replacement is about 9-10 cc for each decade, so you can expect about 36-40cc of product for a 40 year old.

Often this is divided into two sessions about 4 weeks apart. In areas of the neck where the deficiencies are most prominently in skin layer where sagging and creepy skin is the predominate feature. Sculptra can be infused to help rebuild collagen and thicken and tighten skin units. This is often far more helpful in improving the appearance of this skin than traditional face lift alone.

Lifting tissue in a facelift may tighten tissue but certainly doesn’t thicken or strengthen the tissue as with the liquid facelift.

Philosophy for facial rejuvenation

  1. Looking more like a younger you than a different you. Poly L- lactic acid is (Sculptra is a natural compound that helps to stimulate the bodies own collagen synthesis and remodeling
  2. No incisions and surgical results
  3. As we age our faces are the first to undergo fat atrophy. this can leave the skin overlying these areas of volume loss both saggy and wrinkly much like a deflated balloon. Sculptra helps to reverse this process, thickening the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissues.
  4. This is truly sculpting your face to help reverse the volume loss and thus tightening the overlying skin as well.
  5. The finished result is an image of you younger. We can review old photos to see how much fat loss has occurred and help to replace the amount that you had in your youth.
  6. Full cheek and cheekbones are very youthful and give one a healthy appearance.
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